All Ears AcuBalance, LLC​

Ear Acupuncture Detoxification Services

Lansing, Michigan


To better meet your needs, All Ears Acubalance provides various forms of treatment.
  1. Individual Acudetox
    The 5-point ear acupuncture treatment can be done individually for those who better relax on their own.
  2. Ear Acupressure Seeds
    Small seeds are placed on the back of the ear & provide a low level of pressure to a relaxing point. Seeds typically stay on up to a week and may be removed at any time.
  3. Group Acudetox
    To utilize the communal benefits and alignment of group qi, acudetox treatment can be done with groups. Members would be sitting together during treatment.
  4. Mobile Service
    Acudetox can come to you! To enjoy the benefits of acudetox in a convenient or relaxing setting (office, event, in nature, etc.), arrangements can be made.